Streamline Special Edition Electron Stabilizer

Color | Plastic | Weight: Purple | Firm | 174g
Blue | Firm | 168g
Purple | Firm | 174g
Purple | Firm | 175g
Orange | Soft | 171g
Violet | Soft | 173g
1. Purple | Medium | 175g
Yellow | Medium | 172g
2. Purple | Medium | 175g


The Electron Stabilizer is a dependably overstable approach putter, now with the added benefits of Electron! Electron plastic provides excellent grip, even in wet conditions, making the Electron Stabilizer the perfect approach disc for all conditions. Plus, when you absolutely cannot afford a skip, the grip of Electron works on the green to minimize ground play! The Electron Stabilizer will wear in more quickly than our more premium blends of plastic, but that also allows you to cycle Electron Stabilizers in stages of wear - giving you access to understable, straight, and overstable versions of the Electron Stabilizer. Stick your landing with the Electron Stabilizer!