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Mint Discs

The Lobster is returning! Next Week!

Swirly Sublime plastic

Eclipse Hex, The New Neutron Watt and the Fission Rhythm

Available for Preorder Now!


Unnamed 14

Emmerson Keith 2023 OTB Open Champion

Special Edition Charlie Bayonet

Goes on Sale June 2nd 10am CST


Thought Space Athletics


Color | Weight: 1. Purple Foil | 177g
1. Purple Foil | 177g
2. Purple Foil | 177g
3. Purple Foil | 176g
4. Purple Foil | 176g
5. Purple Foil | 176g
6. Purple Foil | 176g
1. Silver Foil | 176g
2. Silver Foil | 176g
3. Silver Foil | 176g
4. Silver Foil | 176g
1. Green Foil | 177g
2. Green Foil | 177g
1. Purple/Blue Foil | 177g
2. Purple/Blue Foil | 177g
3. Purple/Blue Foil | 177g
4. Purple/Blue Foil | 177g
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We are located in the piney woods of East Texas

All disc orders made by 1pm CST will ship same business day.

1-2 disc size orders ship USPS First Class

Free Shipping at $75 order total

Local pickup option available

ALL disc orders are shipped in a cardboard box, no bubble mailers, with the disc inside a plastic bag to keep it from getting scratched. If you are in the east Texas area near Huntsville/Trinity feel free to stop by for an order pickup. If you have any additional questions on any products please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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