Discraft Putter Line Zone OS

Color | Foil | Weight: Purple | Rainbow Shatter Foil | 167-169g
White | Gold Foil | 173-174g
Purple | Rainbow Shatter Foil | 167-169g
Blue | Rainbow Shatter Foil | 167-169g
Pink | Rainbow Shatter Foil | 173-174g
Purple | Holographic Foil | 173-174g
Yellow | Cloverleaf Foil | 173-174g
Blue | Matte Black Foil | 170-172g
Pink | Wintry Mix Foil | 173-174g


Introducing the highly anticipated First Run Zone OS from Discraft, Inc - the ultimate utility disc for all your on-course needs! This overstable disc has been in high demand for years and now, it's finally here to take your game to the next level. Boasting impressive torque resistance and an assertive fade, the Zone OS has earned its stripes as a PDGA certified beefcake. Whether you need a disc for forehand throws, spike hyzers, or approach shots, this disc can handle it all even the toughest of winds and terrain.

Speed: 4 | Glide: 2 | Turn: 1 | Fade: 5 | Stability: 2.6