MVP Electron Entropy Special Edition Firm

Color | Weight: Black | 171g
Black | 171g
Sandy | 170g
Peach | 170g
Pink | 170g
Blue | 171g
Heather Pink | 171g
Purple | 169g
Violet | 170g


This blast from the past of one of the most sought after MVP discs is exciting, but we had to bump it up to the next level with the return of one of MVP’s most historic artists - ZAM! Bringing us THREE, Special Edition, triple foil designs, one for each Electron firmness, ZAM’s art encapsulates the excitement from both us and fans for the long awaited release of one of the most sought after discs we’ve ever produced. We finally solved Entropy! Join the celebrations around the galaxy by grabbing your very own Special Edition Electron Entropy!

 Speed: 4 | Glide: 3 | Turn: -0.5 | Fade: 3