Thought Space Athletics

Thought Space Athletics Ethos Synapse

Color | Foil | Weight: Blue | White Foil | 175g
Blue | White Foil | 175g
Green | White Foil | 173g
Orange | Rainbow Foil | 175g
Yellow | White Foil | 175g
Blue | White Foil | 173g
Blue | Red Foil | 174g
Green | Red Foil | 173g
Orange | Red Foil | 173g


The Thought Space Athletics Synapse is a professional level distance driver for maximum distance and performance.

Striking a harmonious balance between distance and accuracy, the Synapse is the flagship entry into the true "pro" distance driver slot for Thought Space Athletics. It is stable enough to handle big arm speed or a stiff headwind, with just a hint of high-speed turn. The Synapse finds its equilibrium as the reliably stable long-bomber in your bag.

Speed: 12 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1.5 | Fade: 3