Special Edition Eclipse Glow Crave

Color | Weight: 1. Purple | 173g
1. Purple | 173g
2. Grey | 173g
3. Pink | 172g
4. Yellow/Orange | 173g
5. Green | 173g
6. Pink | 173g

$21.95 $25.95 Save $4

By far one of the most requested discs by GYROnauts around the world, the Eclipse Crave has officially returned as a stock release! Maintaining the smooth hand feel, and straight, controllable flight that the Crave is known for, the Eclipse Crave is here to give your bag a glow up. High power players will continue to find the Crave to be an incredibly workable disc, perfect for nearly any shot shape, and lower power players will get a nice straight to slightly understable flight with a forward pushing fade. Whether you’re carving lines in the daylight or cruising through the course during an evening round, reach for the Eclipse Crave when you need a dependable, trustworthy fairway driver!

Speed: 6.5 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 1