Discraft Paige Pierce First Run Drive

Color | Foil | Weight: Sandy Swirl | Red Foil | 170-172g
Purple Swirl | Star Foil | 170-172g
Sandy Swirl | Red Foil | 170-172g
Pink Swirl | Patriotic Foil | 170-172g
Peach/Pink | Red Foil | 170-172g
Orange Swirl | Silver Foil | 173-174g
Purple Swirl | Wintry Mix Foil | 173-174g
Green Swirl | Black Foil | 173-174g
Red/Pink | Star Foil | 173-174g
Dark Purple Swirl | Black/White Foil | 173-174g
Purple Swirl | Holographic Foil | 173-174g


Profile: Slight Dome

Elevate your game with the First Run Drive, the latest addition in Paige Pierce's lineup of disc. With a balance of precision and glide, the Drive slots between the Zeus and the Surge SS. Whether you’re driving down tight fairways or navigating the skies in open fields, the Prototype Drive offers a blend of control and power that will take your throws further.

Speed: 11 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 2