Electron Spin

(2.5 | 4 | -2.5 | 0)



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Red | 171g
Yellow | 170g
Blue | 173g
Green | 171g
Orange | 170g

The Spin has a deep profile like the Ion and Anode, which makes it great for glide-filled lofty flights. Its controlled understability makes it suitable for both new and advanced players alike.

Speed: 2.5 | Glide: 4 | Turn: -2.5 | Fade: 0

The Spin is best characterized by its power response and smooth turn.

At short range the Spin is a point and shoot straight putter, but at approach and driving distances the Spin will exhibit a responsive turn that can be manipulated by the thrower.

The Spin is a putter that any throwing style or skill level can throw straight — whether from its forgiving low-power flight or its precision controlled high power response.