Neutron Soft Envy

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Green/Green 172g
Pink/Green 173g
Pink/Purple 171g
Pink/Pink 172g
Pink/Orange 170g

The Soft Neutron Envy is back! A fan favorite for a reason, the extra give and grip of Soft Neutron paired with the reliable flight of the Envy is a match made in heaven. The Soft Neutron Envy is used worldwide for both drives and approaches that absorb the ground’s impact and nestle right where you want them to. If you’re looking for a dependable throwing putter, whether you’re throwing forehand or backhand, look no further than the Soft Neutron Envy!

Speed: 3 | Glide: 3 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 2

The Envy’s defining flight characteristic is its ability to hold a straight flight for power throwers, but also be a dependably stable approach disc for lower power throwers.

Its medium depth offers a healthy balance of straight flight paired with an easy clean release. While its flight stability is largely similar to the MVP Ion, the Envy offers an entirely new feel.

Its versatile stability on any type of shot will help the Envy find its way into every Axiom thrower’s bag.