Lone Star Discs

Lone Star Discs Natural Tribute Alpha Armadillo

Color | Foil | Weight: White| Rainbow Foil | 173g (Puddle Top)
White| Rainbow Foil | 173g (Puddle Top)
Purple| Rainbow Foil | 172g (Puddle Top)
Red | Gold Foil | 172g (Pop Top)
Red | Gold Foil | 173g (Puddle Top)
Blue | Gold Foil | 173g (Pop Top)

$19.95 $22.99 Save $3.04

LSD's newest Putt and Approach disc holds true to its namesake with its Blunt Nosed Rim and Thumb-tracked Shoulder that allow this disc to fly straight as an arrow with reliable fade to its intended target.

Speed: 1 | Glide: 2 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 1