Discraft 2022 Ledgestone Mystery Box



Only 4 left!

Purchase a 2022 Ledgestone Mystery Box and get 3 mystery Discraft Special Edition discs from Ledgestone. Choose between a 3 or 5 discs mystery set. Putters, Mids, Fairways and Distance Drivers all included. 

Prefer a certain disc type? All putters? All Drivers? Type your preference in the order comments and we will do our best to accomodate what you are wanting. 

  • Big Z Hawk
  • Big Z Meteor
  • Big Z Nebula
  • Big Z Pulse
  • Big Z Stalker
  • Big Z Surge
  • Big Z Venom
  • Big Z Xtreme
  • Cryztal Sparkle Buzzz
  • Cryztal Sparkle Heat
  • Cryztal Sparkle Mantis
  • ESP Flx Buzzz
  • ESP Swirl Heat
  • ESP Swirl Meteor
  • ESP Swirl Venom
  • ESP Tour Series Swirl Thrasher
  • Ti Flx Zone
  • Ti Swirl Focus
  • Ti Swirl Buzzz SS
  • Z Glo Sparkle Buzzz
  • Z Metallic Avenger SS
  • Z Metallic Flx Zone
  • Z Metallic Predator
  • Z Metallic Ringer
  • Z Metallic Ringer GT
  • Z Metallic Roach
  • Z Metallic Stalker
  • Z Metallic Surge SS
  • Z Midnight Challenger
  • Z Swirl Talon
  • Z Swirl Tour Series Avenger
  • Z Swirl Undertaker
  • Z Swirl XL
  • Z Swirl Zeppelin