Fission Insanity

Color/Weight: Peach/Purple 172g
Peach/Purple 172g
Pink/Orange 173g
Yellow/Blue 173g
Peach/White 173g

(9 | 5 | -2.5 | 1.5)



Only 1 left!

Fission plastic has finally come to Axiom’s Insanity! Combining Fission™ Technology with the easy, controllable distance of the Insanity is an absolutely perfect match. A lightweight Fission Insanity is going to be the perfect driver for new or lower power players, while high power players will love the lines they can shape from a heavier one. Hyzer flips, turnovers, and straight shots — the Fission Insanity effortlessly does it all. If you’re looking for more control in your game, look no further than the Fission Insanity.
Speed: 9 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -2.5 | Fade: 1.5